Emcee for Windows 8

Version: 2.0.12
No special requirements
Windows 8

Description - Emcee for Windows 8

Emcee for Windows 8 is a desktop customization program that allows users to view all of their open apps and windows in one easy to use interface.

Windows 8 introduced a new category of full-screen applications, called Modern Apps, Win8 Apps, Window Store Apps, WinRT Apps, Immersive Apps, and sometimes Metro Apps. It retained the desktop application capabilities of Vista and Windows 7.

At the same time, new generations of CPUs and cheaper RAM support more multi-tasking. Your display, like the one to the left, is more crowded than ever with desktop windows, so finding the window you need can be hard. It is not obvious at first glance, but that desktop contains 13 active desktop apps and 7 active Win8 Apps.

Now, you could press the Windows HotKey to bring up a thumbnail display of every desktop and Win8 app (below, at right), or you could view Immersive apps on the Win8 App Switcher and desktop apps on the windows taskbar (below, left).

Emcee for Windows 8 Desktop Apps Immersive Apps

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