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Description - Catalogue-of-Life-Converter

This Microsoft Access database converts the Catalogue of Life into a gedcom format. This extends the use of the gedcom format for use in Biological Systematics or species categorization. This MOVE is inspired by my belief that at least some if not most speciation is produced by hybridization, not the accumulation of mutations no matter how radically changing in body format one Mutation can be.

I believe that especially during the epochs of mass extinctions (for instance Now), environmental niches can become compressed and overlap where they previously had not. This brings species into contact that would not normally be so. Also the FACT of reduced numbers, populations individuals will sometimes choose mates outside their species. Most of these matings are unsuccessful, but occasionally because of radiation Exposure or colchicine like biochemical induced, chromosome numbers or other nuclear changes the offspring become fertile.

This means that the birth of a species takes a mother and a father species with their children being different from either parent as they are a mixture. A clear example to me is Sea Squirts, the parent of all vertebrates. They make cellulose (and chlorophyll?) and appear to be a cross between say another filter feeder like a sponge, and a plant which has mobile sperm, perhaps like a fern.

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