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DirectX 9.0 or higher
Windows 7/Vista/XP

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Download this software PhotoSculpt Textures and Create photorealistic 3D models and seamless tileable 3D textures easily from just two photos Features: *High definition depth extraction for unprecedented professional results. click here to see our gallery *Very high texture size: The automated sculpting phase ends when the same size as the source photos is obtained, which is usually a very high definition 3d model or texture. *Fast: It takes only 1 s to display the first low polygon model The 3D model resolution increases over time with immediate visual feedback in 3D High definition model obtained within 40 seconds (on a 3Gz Intel processor) Fully sculpting a 12Mpix source images takes 4 minutes *Clean intuitive interface: Easy to learn and use Full screen 3D display Optimised viewing with popup toolbars that appears only when needed Drag and drop support for images Open both front and right photo in one dialog Box with multiple selection Images are sorted automatically for Efficiency (users are recommended to shoot front photo first and right photo second) Image 90

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