Version: 3.5
Date: 2013-09-18
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Description - 1DNest

1D-NEST is the most efficient 1D cutting optimiser software, capable to calculate the best yielding of materials with minimum cost in Processes of 1D cutting for materials such as bars, tubes, pipes, Profiles, beams, rolls or other linear materials supp lied in prefixed standard lengths. 1D-Nest will save your money or material costs and will Improve the productivity of cutting processes.1D-Nest provides the following Features: Easy to use and easy to understand for any kind of users. Quick and exact solution. It is a real optimization tool, guaranteed by an efficient mix of mathematical and heuristical algorithms. Can calculate optimization based in cost. Can record materials lists and cutting pattern list. Can include up to 1000 different parts to cut. Can include up to 100 different cut from lengths. Compensation for the saw or shear thickness. Any measurement Unity. (Metric, Imperial Units, etc) Output to spreadsheets files. Enhanced graphic outputs, new detailed graphic report. Printing of cut parts labels, also can print labels using MS Word. Detail of cut ends angles. Allowance for ends waste to cover damages in bars. Input data file format (CVS), compatible with Spreadsheet programs Optional identification of bars. Optional identification of pieces.

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