Balancer Lite

Date: 2013-06-29
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Windows Vista/XP
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Description - Balancer Lite

Balancer utilizes a high quality, high performance polygon reduction (aka polygon simplification or decimation) to preserve the visual appearance of your model. Polygon reduction is computed for all possible levels of Details (LOD) in one shot. This entire LOD hierarchy allows you instantly pick a required optimized model that gives the best trade-off Between visual appearance and the number of triangles. Rendering Performance Optimization Modern graphics hardware and rendering applications utilize memory and vertex Cache to dramatically speed up rendering and geometry processing. To make your models benefit from this, Balancer features a fast and efficient triangle reordering. Features: * High quality, high performance mesh simplification * Construction of the entire LOD hierarchy in one shot * An advanced user interface to instantly select an optimized model with the desired number of triangles * Texture coordinates preservation * Normals can be either preserved or recomputed * Preservation and simplification of the model boundaries * Boundaries defined by discontinuities of materials, layers, texture coordinates are supported * Visualization of boundaries * Joining of vertices given a user-specified threshold * Joining of normals and texture coordinates to eliminate corresponding false boundaries * Effective, high performance mesh stripification * Fast and intelligent triangle reordering for best visualization performance depending on your rendering method * Target rendering methods are triangle strips, general rendering, array/buffer/index based rendering * Supported 3D formats: Wavefront (.obj) * Supported image formats: JPEG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, PPM, PBM

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