Micro keylogger

Version: 1.70
Date: 2014-01-14
No special requirements
Windows 7/Vista/XP
No special requirements

Description - Micro keylogger

Micro KeyLogger is an undetectable keylogger that allows you to keep track of what is happening on your computer. It is not only a Windows 32bit Keylogger but also a 64bit Keylogger for Windows 7/Vista/XP 64bit system. Micro Keylogger runs hidden in the background invisibly to Spy on your PC. The Keylogger allows you to secretly track all activities from all computer users. You can know what your kids and employees are doing on the PC and maintain a backup of your typed data with Micro keylogger. Away from home, you can automatically receive the logs by e-mail or FTP. Surveillance and Logging Features: Keystrokes Logging--Micro Keylogger Spy Software can record all keystrokes typed, including password, in these applications (such as Chat conversations, emails, documents, user names etc.) and applications running on your computer. It monitors multiple user accounts in the system, combined with the visual record (screenshots) gives you full control over the computer. Web Logging--Micro keylogger can record all the web activities including visited web-pages URLs, sites titles, and clicked links including the time of visiting! Screenshot Logging--This feature completes all textual logging features by bringing you the visual picture of your computer just like you installed automatic surveillance camera. Micro keylogger not only records keystrokes but also captures screenshots of the user`s desktop by interval. You can easily change the Frequency of taking screenshots from your computer. So you won`t miss any event! All of Micro keylogger`s Monitoring and Recording activities are stealth and undetectable. Filtering features: Micro Keylogger allows you not only to monitor applications used and websites visited but also filter them at all! This praisable feature helps parents to keep an Eye on kids and make the rules of home computer using by blocking any nasty websites or applications.

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