Setup Cloner

Version: 2.1
No special requirements
NNB Software
Windows Vista/2003/XP/2000/2008

Description - Setup Cloner

Setup Cloner enables automatic installation of software on remote computers. It doesn`t matter how many computers you have in your network - 10 or 1000 - it will only take a couple of minutes to install an application or an update on them. You just install an application on a single computer and Setup Cloner will repeat the installation on remote computers on their next following startup. All settings and Steps you make during the single installation will be exactly repeated - just a lot FASTER. Additionally, installations on remote computers can be performed either "as current user", or "as administrator" (users do NOT need to know the admin password for this). To install an application only on computers of a selected group of users, you simply adjust NTFS permissions. Features * Automatic and unattended installation of software on multiple computers * All steps you make during initial setup will be exactly repeated on selected computers - just a lot faster * Ability to install applications "as administrator" - regardless of current user`s rights * Built-in auto-Run Manager for automatic installations on Windows startup * No client-side software needed on workstations * Regular NTFS permissions used to select the users on whose computers software will be installed * Ability to install multiple applications in one run - useful when you need to quickly Re-Build the system after installing Windows

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