SimpleNav component

Version: 1.2.7

Description - SimpleNav component

Properties can be changed to set text labels, animation type, menu orientation, and more. Browse through the samples on the right to see the range of this component`s functionality in action... * Make the menu react to any mouse event * Full control over font & text appearance * Full control over menu placement * QA approved by Adobe * Drag and drop a component onto the stage, set your text labels, export your Movie and you`ll see the menu... * No coding needed! Features: * Control placement & orientation of menu and sub menus * Full ActionScript access to the menu and its contents * Choose from 3 transition `rollover` animations * Scale and apply text labels for the menu items with full control over settings like font, color, weight, etc. * Use the Default callback or Create custom functions to be called when menu items are clicked or rolled over * Load all menu contents dynamically by setting the xml data file property. Good for an application such as ecommerce. The 5th menu on the right is loading xml data. * View documentation for a full list of capabilities

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