LundFTPD for Linux

Version: 3.17
Date: 2013-08-27
No special requirements
Jorgen Lundman
No special requirements

Description - LundFTPD for Linux

Single Process, non-blocking FTPD with internal user database, no need to clutter the system`s passwords file.* Single process FTPD (two if you use internal SFV testing)* Can run without root (but runs better with)* Full archive testing (zip, rar, sfv, dms, ace etc..)* Both hard and soft chroot support* Bandwidth capping (per session, per user or per entire site )* User ratio system, with daily, time and credits systems.* User settable privilege levels* User settable limits, for logins, download and upload sessions.* Max login users* SITE message support* SITE WALL support* (Deprecated) Full SRP encryption support. For info on SRP, see*(Deprecated) Integrated with SAFETP-encryption scheme for IDENTd relay, see* (Deprecated) Bounce and traffic relay support - with shadowftpd over multiple, load balanced paths.* FULL logging capabilities* Tested on most Unix systems (irix, *BSD, Linux, Solaris, HPUX, OSF1),Win32, Amiga)* Anonymous login support* Guest account feature (look only, or, upload only)* Full anonymity possible* Full DUPE checking database (dbm, ndbm, db_open and gdbm systems supported).* Group`s private directory feature. Including "pre" command (rename).* Irc bot announce feature* Full IP pattern checking, including ident.* RFC-959 compliance plus loads of SITE commands.* Full Remote Administration features (Minus setting user`s passwords :) )* SMART paths feature* Internal "ls" feature with extra info (megs and files in subdir, num downloads)* and NOW IN COLOUR!* Uses LiON library

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Internal Feature User Settable Feature Look Only