Peterson StroboSoft

Version: 2.0
Date: 2013-09-13
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Windows Vista/XP/2000
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Description - Peterson StroboSoft

As a stand-alone, just use your NoteBook`s built-in mic or plug in a Microphone and start tuning! As a plug-in, install the Slink microhost (included in the Deluxe and Suite version) to channel your audio into StroboSoft 2.0 from your DAW. Inside a session, add StroboSoft 2.0 on an insert or buss in your VST or AU capable DAW and tune your instruments with unmatched Precision. Standard Version (Online Download) Features: - Basic Chromatic Tuning- Cents/Hertz/MIDI Note Number Output- Noise Filter- Selectable Sampling Rate Up To 96kHz- 12 Temperaments (Equal, 1/4 Comma Meantone, 1/6th- Comma Meantone, Rameau, Zarlino, Just Major, Kellner, Kirnberger III, Pythagorean, Valloti, Werckmeister III, Young)- Manual Note Select- Capo and Drop Tune Settings- Target Tune Function- Global Cents Offset- Selectable Concert A Reference (340Hz - 540Hz)- Calibration Feature For External Reference- INCLUDES ALL STANDARD 2.0 FEATURES LISTED ABOVE

Peterson StroboSoft Comma Meantone Peterson Strobosoft

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Reference Cents Comma Meantone Iii Young Manual