Version: 4
Date: 2013-08-09
No special requirements
Windows 7
No special requirements

Description - Jumplist-Launcher

The newly introduced jumplists, which appear when you right-click on an icon in the superbar, help improving the WorkFlow a lot, but if you want Combine multiple programs in one icon, you`re screwed. The `Jumplist-Launcher` comes to rescue!It lets you add up to 60 programs, files or Folders within self-defined groups inside a jumplist. Features: - no installation and rubbish in the registry- Creates jumplists with up to 60 programs or files which can then be directly started(Warning: The setting Max. Jumplist-Items changes the number of possible entries globally for the whole Windows-environment)- the jumplist entries can be grouped- after creating the jumplist, no program needs to run in the background- you can have multiple Jumplist-Launcher-Icons (with different files/programs) on your superbar by copying the folder- files can be dragged into the Jumplist-Launcher from Windows-Explorer- Icon and name of the entry can be customized- Auf `Create Jumplist` klicken um die Jumplist zu erzeugen und alles zu speichern- Jumplist-items can be added by dragging single files on Jumplist-Launchers taskbar-icon while holding the shift-key Version 4:- You can now optionally create a tasklist instead of the normal one. This ones max. number of items isn`t bound to the max. number of recent items, however there is no setting for max. tasklist entries- fixed strange behaviour when moving items in the TreeView (e.g. files become groups)- multiple items can now be moved at once- the icons-folder will be created if it doesn`t exist (fixes the "Datei ?..iconInfo.dat?kann nicht erstellt werden." bug)

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