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Version: 3.4.3
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Windows Vista/2003/XP/2000/98/Me/NT

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The Smart Solution For Your Meal Planning And Grocery Shopping Shop`NCook Menu combines a Meal Planner and a shopping list manager working seamlessly together to facilitate your grocery shopping and cooking. Grocery List ManagerGrocery lists: Create grocery lists in seconds by checking items, typing them in or adding from recipes and sublists. Database of grocery items: Customize the database of 2000 grocery items. Add new items and categories. Organize them according to the aisles of your supermarket. Adding from recipes: Add ingredients from recipes to the grocery list in the units of measure of your choice. Correct the quantities for waste and make automatic ingredient substitutions. Shopping styles: Itemize the ingredients of the grocery list per recipe or not, to fit your shopping style. Exporting grocery list: Send the grocery lists by e-mail, or print them in different formats. Export them in HTML or SplashShopper formats to your PDA. Recipe OrganizerRecipe wizard: Create new recipes easily by pasting or typing them. The recipe wizard interprets them, recognize the ingredients and compute the costing and nutritional information automatically. Real recipe scaling: Scale your recipes to the desired number of serving or serving size. Scaled recipes can be printed or saved. Even the recipe instructions can optionally be scaled. Other scaling options: conversion to US or metric units, conversion from volume to weight units, ingredient substitution, etc. Cookbooks: Organize your recipes in cookbooks. Cookbooks are ideal for sharing collections of recipes as a single file. Shop`NCook cookbooks can be read by anybody with the free software Shop`NCook Cookbook Reader. A few cookbooks are included with the installation. Many more are available as free download.

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