Arca ShoppingList

Version: 2005
Date: 2014-01-02
No Special Requirements
Windows XP/2000/98/Me/NT
No Special Requirements

Description - Arca ShoppingList

The worlds easiEST grocery software just got easier! This is the Grocery List program designed for you. If you know Windows Explorer, you can use Arca ShoppingList immediately! Arca ShoppingList (ASL) is a flexible and time-saving tool for anyone who goes shopping in large stores. Because of the size of the Modern supermarket, finding what you need can mean wasting a tremendous amount of time hunting down the particular items you seek. ASL was designed to save you this time. If you would rather be in and out of the supermarket in half the time, you need ASL!ASL lets you conveniently store a database of all the items you ever buy in a particular store (or stores) and the categories (aisles) in which those items are located. While it will take a bit of effort to compile and enter this information, it will save you hundreds of hours in the long run.To work with ASL is quiet easy, because it

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