Calendar Mine Professional Edition

Version: 2.0 Build 401
Date: 2013-11-13
No special requirements
Windows 2000/98/NT
No special requirements

Description - Calendar Mine Professional Edition

PerpetualCalendar Mine is a Perpetual Calendar, it never goes out of date. It accurately calculates dates from 1583 AD to 2500 AD. No other calendar provides you with as many dates as accurately as Calendar Mine.Rich FunctionalityOur users are constantly discovering new things which Calendar Mine can do. No calendar software on the market today has as rich a functionality as Calendar Mine. Some of the things you can do with Calendar Mine includeDisplay a daily, monthly, quarterly, or yearly calendar with images. Schedule an event ( daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, business days, weekends, etc... ). Maintain a To-Do List. Calculate dates. ( How many business days are Between Feb 3rd and March 12th? ). Display holiday information. Display Lunar and Solar information such as Sunrise, Sunset, Moon Phases, etc., for any location in world. Show the best days and times to go fishing for any location in world. Be notified when a scheduled event is about to happen, days or minutes in advance. Use Calendar Mine to start other computer programs. Fully customize how the calendar looks (images, colors, fonts, etc.). Print a calendar which you would be proud to hang on your wall or Send to a Friend. Set the calendar as the current desktop wallpaper. Create calendar image files for use in other programs. Email your schedule to a friend, co-worker or family member. Internet sites may be associated with a month`s image allowing up to 12 different links. Calendar themes and schedules can be updated via the internet. Merge someone else`s schedule with yours. Keep multiple schedules, opening only the one you are interested in at the time. Export calendar events for use in other programs. Import calendar events from other programs. Our Professional Edition of Calendar Mine is designed to be your complete individual personal calendar package. It contains all the great features of the Standard Edition, plus it includes all the tools

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