Version: 4.1
Date: 2013-07-23
No special requirements
Windows XP/2000/98/Me/NT/CE
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CashComm is an e-payment software that is based on advanced Microsoft.NET technology. CashComm provides online accounting and investment Analysis, which has an 8 year proven track record. CashComm is designed for a Windows-system and is simple and easy to use. Secure and Modern E-Banking CashComm will allow you to enter your bills and send them to your bank individually or as a DTA/EZAG file without keeping your internet connection open for the entire duration. The subsequent transfer to your bank will be submitted in a decoded format and at a fraction of the time compared to traditional e-banking solutions. The shorter connection time provides you with greater protection against hackers and will save you money. Your personal data is securely stored on your computer and always ready for your next query. Bill payment and account entries in one step CashComm provides 5 different accounting charts (such as the Swiss KMU for small to medium sized businesses). You can choose your desired chart and customize it to meet your personal needs. As you enter your bills, you can add the respective account on one easy step. CashComm requires marginal bookkeeping know-how in order to use it to its maximum potential. Enter your bank-statement directly into your general ledgerYou will be FASTER completing your general ledger because you have pre-entered all the necessary account information while paying your bills. Reconciling your bank-statement periodically, will always keep your accounting up to date! This saves you time and reduces data entry errors. Liquidity and assets at a glance CashComm allows you to enter your debits and credits in no time and keeps you informed of open and paid receivables. State of the art monitor tool CashComm offers a number of predefined lists; statistics and forms to analyse your accounting, payment journals, income statements, Balance sheets.

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