AIPL SpinCycle

Version: 2.2
Date: 2014-01-14
No special requirements
Windows Vista/XP/2000/98/Me/NT
No special requirements

Description - AIPL SpinCycle

Add big 24-bit Leslie / rotary speaker sound to your digital music and make it FAT with this DirectX plug-in! Building on years of research, AIPL SpinCycle is the best plug-in to digitally simulate a rotating speaker. If you closed your eyes and played an actual Leslie speaker, then played SpinCycle, we bet you couldn`t tell the difference! We couldn`t! It`s that good (patent 6,873,708 and more pending). Add this sound to organ (e.g. Hammond organ), guitar or vocals to produce Harmony or a unique flange, and hear the difference! AIPL SpinCycle simulates a mechanical rotary tremolo and vibrato system and is based analyzing original Leslie speakers and the Doppler-effect. There are thus no sonic tradeoffs, just great big rotary sound! In addition to simulating the vibrato and tremolo modulation, SpinCycle simulates the tube pre-amp, as well as automatic speed controls and stereo-effects for an infinite number of Microphone placements. To simulate the classic Leslie foot pedal, use the AutoRhythm setting. To Create a totally new and cool "flange", mix a stereo track where both tracks are identical, except one is faded in or out, using AutoSpeed.

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