Version: 1.9
Date: 2014-01-09
No special requirements
Windows XP/2000
No special requirements

Description - NetOK

NetOK was created to help troubleshoot PC networking and connection problems. The typical scenario is a remote user that can not access a public or Company computer system. In this situation the first troubleshooting Steps would be tests of the basic network requirements, followed by the target computer system. The user would be asked to run NetOK under the direction of help desk staff or alternatively, could be run independently by a computer literate user. NetOK has to be pre-installed on the user`s PC. Tests for the basic network requirements are pre-configured. Additional tests for specific public or company computer systems can be added by the IT staff. If a basic test fails, there are pre-configured help messages. Help messages for the specific public or company systems can be added by the IT staff. The basic test tool of NetOK is PING, along with the option to test connections to a specific port. NetOK can also list and look at your network settings to see if there is problems. These settings along with test results can be written to log files for further Analysis when the remote user returns to The Office NetOK can re-run tests at a set interval and has other settings to continuously log results, timestamp events, log errors only, and maximise if the tests pass or FAIL. NetOK will appear in the system tray when minimised and will indicate a failure, problem or successful connection with a red, amber, or green traffic light, respectively.

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