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WARSAW is a challenging turn-based tactical role-playing video game that tells the events of the historical Warsaw Uprising back in 1944. You play as a group of ordinary Polish civilians turned hardened accidental Heroes, who must survive the horrors of World War II. In handpainted graphics and grim atmosphere, the various characters that you must keep alive all have unique skills and roles necessary in the battles to come. More than a strategy RPG, WARSAW is a survival game that depicts the harrowing ordeal Poland went through. You have to make difficult decisions and risk some chances and opportunities in order to stay alive and overthrow the Germans attacking your beloved city. Be PreparedWARSAW’s gameplay mostly consists of moving around the map for missions on gathering various supplies and rescuing other civilians while avoiding deadly skirmishes with the German troops. This plays out in typical turn-based combat style, reminiscent of Darkest Dungeon—however, WARSAW’s is much more brutal in difficulty and you shouldn’t expect complete victories any time soon. When you’re at rest and readying to go, though, the strategy becomes about preparedness. Aside from the Heroes, you can recruit other troops in order to increase the numbers on your side. You need to manage your troops’ stats and skills, equip them with the proper gear, and heal them up. It’s important to mix their various skills on the battlefield in order to gain an advantage over the enemy. Sometimes, you’ll get events while exploring the war-torn city that will remind you of text-based RPGs. These and other events rely on your hard choices on what move to do. On the other hand, the Heroes, while outnumbered and overwhelmed by the bleak odds of the war, are still people with stories and pasts to tell. You can unlock their character stories the more you progress through the tale of the Warsaw Uprising. WARSAW isn’t an easy game to play and enjoy. There are lots of lacking elements that would’ve made it much more rewarding to play through and the bugs it still has may dampen your spirits. However, you can’t say that this situation isn’t something that captures the true horror of WWII.

"Great soundtrack"
"Nice character sprites"
"Turn-based combat is easy to learn"

"Repetitive missions"
"Only 2 save slots"
"Difficult combat odds"
"Main story isn’t compelling for its setting"
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