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Version: 3.0
Windows XP
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Description - KeroSoft BeautyCreations

KeroSoft BeautyCreations is a photo makeup refinement application which allows you to touch-up, makeup, and enhance facial images. Light up your portrait photos just with a single click. It removes dark circles and blemishes, whitens teeth, adds the perfect `glow` to a complexion, or beautifies your whole face with a stunning makeover all in just seconds. The software adds the appropriate digital make-up to the appropriate parts of the face and lets you see a before-and-after effect side by side. You can save the output to your computer, print it, or share it immediately by Email. In essence, it`s a very simple way to apply a wide range of face-retouching edits without the need for complex image-editing suites. The one-click automated "makeovers" usually work without a hitch, but you can also fine-tune the facial-detection software to adjust the shape of the eyes, nose, mouth, and other facial features to fix any automation errors. A left-hand sidebar menu of options such as "Brighten Eyes," "Slim Face," and "Eye Colors" offer quick and easy adjustments, and there`s an intensity slider for each setting that lets you make the effects either really subtle or really over-the-top. The software isn`t just limited to solo portraits, either. If there`s more than one person in the photo, it detects each person and lets you apply separate filters and adjustments to each face.
1. Make yourself (and friends) gorgeous in seconds then share with Email.
2. Automatically detects up to 20 faces in a photo so you can help your friends too.
3. Perfect your whole face with one-click or specific areas - cheeks, eyes and lips with many advanced beauty tools

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