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Simple, small, non-overloading secure password manager that keeps your passwords absolutely safe. Your data is not stored on an external server or in the cloud. You have the possibility to save your master password on a USB stick to start the program. The master password of your USB stick can only be used in connection with the registered user of the computer with which this key was created. The safe encrypts individual files (all formats) on your computer with a password of your choice. These encrypted files are displayed in an additional list, regardless of the directory where the encrypted files are located. So it is easy to access these encrypted files directly from within the program to open them temporarily.

The program stores your passwords absolutely securely and encrypts them on your computer. No more remembering countless passwords. All you need is a master password. In addition, individual files (all formats) can be encrypted on your computer with a password of your choice or with your master password.

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