Poshmark follow bot

Version: 1.4.1
Windows Vista
Full Version

Description - Poshmark follow bot

Auto follow users on Poshmark.com with windows application bot
Fully automatic!
This windows application bot will help you to Auto follow users on poshmark.com.
With this bot you can easily follow users by links to products or from other user.
Best software to follow poshmark users!
Highly recommended!
This bot was made to help you with your poshmark activity.
Forget about annoying manual follow or unfollow!
Automate it!
Main Features of the bot:
Auto follow users.
Auto unfollow users.
Auto follow users from other user.
Auto follow by link (feed, party, brand).
Set how many follow/unfollow.
Status show the process of follow/unfollow.
Set wait time interval between follow/unfollow.
Disables image loading to speed up the process.
This will help you on your daily Poshmark activity.
If you are even thinking about doing business on Poshmark, youll want this bot.
Auto follow users with this super powerful Poshmark follow bot.
Watch how it works:
Of course, one of the BIGGEST and MOST VALUABLE parts of Poshmark follow bot is the fact that you can follow or unfollow multiple users with it!

Poshmark follow bot Auto Follow Poshmark Follow

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