Unseen Diplomacy

Version: varies-with-device
Date: 2018-03-22
Windows 8.1,Windows 10,Windows 8

Description - Unseen Diplomacy

Unseen Diplomacy is a VR game wherein you would be casted as The British Espionage Tactical Initiative’s elite member. The group basically is out on a mission to outdo evil-doers plans.GameplayThe game behaves similar to ‘redirected walking’. This means your own movements would be controlling the game’s core. During the course of the game, you would be running and rolling and sneaking your way via lairs. This means you would need a fairly large physical space to play the game. The primary experience is focused via clever room layout use – by manipulating and warping space without knowing it. The game lets you traverse and walk your way via a much larger environment, with no portals or teleporting required. The game certainly excels at offering you a brief idea about espionage.Physical MovementsUnseen Diplomacy is primarily a single player game. But there is the option for another player to join in as a seated player using an Oculus Rift. There is also a social screen to let people around you view what’s happening within the kit. The game requires fairly good level of physical activity. Currently, there isn’t any option to let users play with limited movement. The game would have you working via multiple duct-connected rooms, elevators and corridors, which are all assembled quite cleverly. This means users would have to move themselves around, even if that means moving on a wheelchair.

"Intense and immersive"
"A great advertisement for VR’s potential"

"Gameplay difficult in constricted spaces"
"A fairly short game – just 4 minutes"
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