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Version: varies-with-device
Date: 2017-10-19
Windows XP,Windows 10,Windows 8.1,Windows Vista,Windows 7

Description - Simple EPUB Reader

Simple EPUB Reader is a Chrome extension that lets you read .epub ebook files directly in your browser without having to transfer them to an e-reader or other device. Feature-light and simple to use, this free .epub reader gives you a range of display options to create the reading experience that`s easiest and most comfortable for you.Read without switching appsSimple EPUB Reader does what it says -- it`s simple, and you use it to read epub files. You can set the text colour, font size, and background of your choice. High font sizes are still easily readable without distortion. It also includes a text-to-speech function so that you can turn your ebooks into audiobooks. The side-to-side scrolling tool is much more efficient on laptop and desktop screens compared to the usual vertical scroll of e-readers. There`s no toolbar to clutter up your view of the book. A few extra features would improve the utility of this reader. For instance, it would be nice to be able to make annotations. More importantly, the lack of a bookmark feature makes reading longer texts challenging.Light and functionalSimple EPUB Reader has few additional features beyond its core, but its core functions are effective and easy to use. Horizontal scroll is particularly useful for computer rather than mobile device users. Some added features would improve this extension.

"Adjustable background colour"
"Easy to read horizontal scrolling"
"font size and more"

"No bookmark or resume feature"
"No annotation or note feature"
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