Carrier Deck

Date: 2017-07-14
Windows 8.1,Windows 10,Windows 8

Description - Carrier Deck

Carrier Deck is a military-themed time-management game in which you play an officer on board the USS Ronald Reagan. Your job is not only to launch sorties by your ship`s planes but manage the delivery of needed supplies, make sure returning aircraft have somewhere to land and respond to threats as they approach.Fast-paced combat managementTo manage your aircraft carrier, Carrier Deck offers a few important tools. The central one is a track showing threats -- and your own vehicles -- moving along four tracks. These tracks represent air, land, surface and sub-surface environments. You can extend the range at which threats on these tracks are visible by launching reconnaissance missions. Once you`ve identified the tasks you need to do, you`ll visit the carrier`s various decks to assign the crew and aircraft needed to carry them out. The game`s graphics are clear and realistic, although the camera can be challenging and the on-screen controls can sometimes be a little tricky to use precisely. The constant flow of new threats and information means that this pauseless game never lets up; even simple tasks can be dangerous when you`re planning and executing them quickly. Each mission is short, but the progression system effectively combines them into a longer campaign.Command the seasIf you like time-management or military simulation games and don`t mind a real challenge, Carrier Deck is definitely worth checking out.

"fast-paced time management gameplay"
"Clear visual management interface"

"Sometimes awkward controls and camera"
"Repetitive soundtrack"
Carrier Deck Carrier Deck Time Management

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