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Date: 2017-03-29
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TeamDrive is a tool that makes it easy for individuals as well as groups of people to share their data files between different devices. Up to five people at a time can connect and share their data, which can be done almost instantly.Becoming Perfectly in SyncOne of the best things about TeamDrive is the fact that the software is compatible with just about every type of device and platform imaginable. Photos can be uploaded onto the software and shared very quickly and conveniently, and even videos can be shared in a flash. Synchronisation can take place even when the desired Smartphones or computers are not online, which helps to set TeamDrive apart from other programmes of this type. However, unlike many other types of software that offer the same type of service, the amount of free space that users are allotted is not very generous.Time to Get SharingWith 10GB of free space up for grabs, TeamDrive is great for individual users who want to sync their data files between different devices. However, this is not so beneficial for teams of users, which may well defeat the purpose for some people. The fact that not all of the features are free to use is also a bit of a blow and may cause some people to look elsewhere for a free data sharing solution.

"Fast and efficient sharing system"
"Files are easy to access"

"Rather easy to accidently delete files"
"Not all features are free to use"
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