Date: 2017-03-29
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MATLAB is a special app that makes it easy for users to create and edit technical work. This is ideal for maths lovers who are looking for an app that will help them to create equations, tables, graphs and a wide range of other tools could well find that this is the very thing they have been searching for.Maths at your FingertipsOne of the great things about MATLAB is that it is packed with features that maths fans are sure to find interesting and useful. Both 2D and 3D visual data can be plotted and displayed in a number of different ways that can be fully customised according to the unique needs of the user. Everything from image processing communications to financial modelling and analysis and even computational biology becomes much easier when using MATLAB and people who are working in these fields are sure to find that this tool is invaluable.Are You a True Maths Wiz?Despite the fact that some users may find that they have trouble logging into MATLAB from time to time, those who are persistent are sure to find that they get a lot out of the app. Getting to grips with most of the features that are available here is fairly straight forward and users are given access to countless resources that should keep them busy for a long time to come.

"The ability to share files on Cloud"
"A huge amount of storage available"

"Only works with Android"
"A few bugs in the system"
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