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Date: 2017-03-29
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Yandex.Disk is a cloud storage platform that lets you back up photos and documents on the internet. It functions similarly to other online file storage services like Google Drive. Yandex, the company that produces this app, is one of Eastern Europe`s most popular search providers, and the service is mainly targeted toward users in the region.Simple cloud storageIf you`ve used other online cloud storage services, Yandex.Disk will seem pretty familiar. For many people, it will be primarily a photo backup tool, and it has tools that reflect this: you can sort photos into albums and assign them cover images, for instance. Images can be uploaded automatically from your camera or mobile device, alternatively, you can save images directly from the internet or take screenshots from your device. This isn`t only a photo service, though, you can also save word processing documents, presentations and spreadsheets directly to the service and even create or edit them without the need for any other app -- again, if you think about how Google Docs and Google Drive relate you will find this all pretty familiar. As with any other cloud storage service, storage space and limited control over sharing settings are the big challenges here.Straightforward storage with some limitationsYandex.Disk is a simple, easy-to-use storage platform, particularly for European users who benefit from its fastest load speeds.

"Simple intuitive user interface"
"Free online storage for multiple file types"

"Limited customisation of file sharing options"
"Slower download speeds outside Europe"
Yandex.Disk Yandex Disk Cloud Storage

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