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Date: 2014-09-01
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In the financial domain, accuracy is something you strive for since a little mishap could cost you a fortune. And since regular calculators can only do so much, you would need calculating software that could handle the intricate formulas needed to accurately calculate profit margins and interest rates. Financial Calculator aims to be a complete financial solution that can calculate almost everything business-related. It brings a new set of tools to help you in achieving your financial goals. Calculating Stock Market ProfitsAdmit it or not, the stock market is not a good place to visit when you’re unprepared, especially if you want to do transactions. It’s a very fast-paced world that could leave you to dust if you don’t know what you’re getting into. Financial Calculator aims to help people who would want to venture into the stock market. This app can estimate the total profit and commission based on the price, percentage, and quality involved in the exchange. The app can also help you calculate commodity values depending on the density, energy, quality, or power. With this financial calculator, you will be able to find out the value of cubic centimeters of 24 karat gold or even the price of kilowatt per hour. Estimate Inflation and Interest RatesWhen venturing into the financial world, you should know that when the inflation level rises, money becomes less valuable and you might suffer major losses. With Financial Calculator, you can estimate how much will a certain amount of money be worth if the inflation rises by a user-defined percentage. The app calculates interest rates by entering the desired period, initial amount, and type. The result varies depending on the type of interest. You can choose for it to be simple and compound. While Financial Calculator promises accurate calculations, users would need to note that there are some limitations to the things it can do. For one, very large numbers, such as more than 10,000 digits, will not be accepted as input data. The app also cannot do some calculations with even much fewer digits. However, other than that, you can pretty much use the app for all your calculation needs. Financial Calculator shows large numbers completely rather than in exponential forms. You could also translate the program into any language that you prefer. However, you need to use the official language to know how exactly putting the translation text lines works. Users can save their calculations on the output file or save it on the database of the program found on top of each section. Closing ArgumentsWith its extensive amount of functions and tools, Financial Calculator is a handy app to have in your portfolio. The app can help you perform a wide range of calculations, allowing you to work more efficiently. And while there are some limitations, the number of things you can do with the app makes up for that. If you work in any financial-related industry, this finance software is something you should definitely have.

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