Tific Developer Client

Version: 8
Date: 2013-12-26
No special requirements
Windows 8/7/Vista/XP
No special requirements

Description - Tific Developer Client

Tific Client provides end-users with a link to the comprehensive support solutions enabled by Tific Platform. The client is installed locally – leaving a small footprint which makes it easy to download while minimizing the Impact on computer performance. Having Tific Client installed locally is associated with unique benefits including provided support even if users are offline but also minimized network traffic and maintained user integrity

The Tific Client implements proactive solutions to incidents automatically; ensuring uninterrupted end-user productivity. It automatically detects issues and takes the appropriate actions to resolve the issue – Proactive Self-healing. If users have support related questions, Tific Client provides them with relevant, straightforward Answers enabled by information reduction – Adaptive Self Service. If the client determines that human assistance is needed it can forward relevant user Computer Information to the appropriate support agent – Intelligent Assisted Service. Tific Client is truly a versatile tool that can be implemented as a passive client or active system with elevated privileges.

- Highlights – Client
- Implements proactive support solutions without the need of user interaction
- Automatically detects system configuration and presents applicable solutions
- Provides users with support assistance even if they are offline
- Leaves a minimal footprint in the end-user computer environment
- Available as stand-alone application or ActiveX plug-in

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