Art of Weird

Version: 1.0.0
Date: 2013-11-06
No special requirements
Windows 7/Vista/XP
No special requirements

Description - Art of Weird

Is it art? Or is it just weird? What is art anyway?

This app lets you ExPress a different side of your artistic creativity!
Featuring layers, fullScreen drawing and bizarre tools like `Worm Pen` and `Pods`.
You will also find tools for smudging and smearing and of course a normal pen and an eraser.

This is not a novelty app - you will be able to Create beautiful works of art with it!
It`s just that they will be... Well... Weird...

Art of Weird supports layers, in a way that`s very intuitive.
You simply choose whether to draw on the foreground, middle ground or background and that`s it.

Use your left mouse button to draw or to select tool, size, weight and color.
Right-click (anywhere) or press Space to toggle the panels on/off, so you can draw in true fullscreen mode!
Press the Tab key to move the panels to the other side.

Click once on a color to select it. Click a second time to adjust it in a number of ways or to pick a new color.
Adjacent to the colors you will find buttons to switch Between the different color sets.
Press a second time if you want to replace the color set with one of the Default ones.


•Easy to learn

•Layers support

•Fun to use

•Cool results

•Supports fullscreen and windowed mode

•Supports undo/redo

Art of Weird Second Time

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Press Fullscreen Second Time Color Sets Press