Version: 1.05
Date: 2013-09-12

Description - TrekTrak

Frustrated with navigating Internet Explorer Favorites or Netscape bookmarks?Does climbing up and down the tree over and over drive you to distraction?Never able to find the URL you want, can`t remember where you put it?Using FILE FIND to locate URL shortcuts?Tried various "managers" for Favorites and spent most of the time importing and exporting and still can`t find the URL you want?Key Benefits By using a database to store your links, TrekTrak can call upon many powerful facilities which are standard fare in database applications. Very Fast Location of URLs of Interest. Fast Grouping by key words. Fast location of similar URLs. Saved sub groups. Attachment of own descriptions and notes to each URL. Quick and easy editing of saved URLs and notes. Find URL by part URL, part Name, part notes and where the search text can appear anywhere in the target and by Combination of up to 6 key words. TrekTrak can handle very large numbers of links without difficulty. i.e. tens of thousands or more. Efficient use of disk space. Internet Explorer favorites can use Megabytes to store Kilobytes, depending on your Cluster size and file system. TrekTrak wraps them all up into a single file. Easy add of links directly from IE. Drag drop/paste of URL from IE or Netscape. Easy edit of links. Hot keys allow super fast navigation without the mouse. Import IE favorites. Import Netscape Bookmarks.

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