File and Folder Watcher

Version: 3.3.3
Date: 2013-10-07
No special requirements
Windows 7/Vista/2003/XP/2000/98
No special requirements

Description - File and Folder Watcher

Continuously watches a folder or group of Folders for new files, and then triggers a custom action, such as running a second program with the new files. Files are processed only when completely written - perfect for huge files such as video. Monitored files can be grouped together or processed individually. File and Folder Watcher can be used to: * Pre-process photo shoots with Photoshop Droplets as images are taken* Monitor FTP sites and folders for new downloads* Watch incoming folders for new files * Automatically Distil PDF files from an incoming folder* Data mine incoming files with TextPipe Pro, also from DataMystic* Process email attachments when they are saved to disk (with DetachPipe)* Watch for new files to load into a database * Quickly and easily trigger business processes when files are created * and much more. File Watcher can process only those files that match a filespec (e.g. `*.txt;*.html`) and ignore all other files that might arrive at the same time. It can also watch multiple folders at the same time (subfolders are handled with a checkbox). File Watcher can also prevent triggering new actions while an old Action is still running. It can also be run as a service to keep it running even after system restarts or possible server crashes

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