Version: 2.3
Date: 2013-09-28
Office Tools
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Windows XP/2000/98/Me/NT
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Description - DocuCabinet

DocuCabinet is the most cost effective solution for organizing and managing your paper documents. Using DocuCabinet, paper documents such as invoices, receipts, contracts, bills, tax forms, news clipping, product Catalog, all can be quickly scanned into image files, filed with indexing information, and stored in a structured manner. It comes with many handy functions all packed into one product, such as multi-page scan, ADF support, Batch filing, saving in PDF, imaging viewer and editor, image annotation, password protection etc... DocuCabinet also supports archives of computer generated files such as Word, Excel, PDF, or Zip files etc. Storing and OrganizingDocuments are stored in a filing structure similar to a traditional paper filing system having the Cabinet-Drawer-Folder hierarchy with folder divider tabs. This allows your existing document filing practice or coding system to be immediately re-deployed to DocuCabinet. Document Categorizing and IndexingDuring document filing, you can add meaningful title, notes, value, dates, and Categorize it from a pre-defined document category list with index keys. All information can later be used to quickly search or group documents. You can even assign date to remind you of future action. A total amount can be calculated for all documents in a folder based on document value inputs. The document categories will appear as folder divider tabs.Image Capture and ProcessingImage documents can be captured from scanner, Windows clipboard, existing files, or any Windows printable files (via the bundled virtual printer driver). Image can be corrected using built-in functions such as automatic Border trimming, image deskew or despeckle. Image will be saved in Tiff, PDF or Jpeg format. Image files can be combined into one single multi-page image file; multi-page image can be extracted, shifted, deleted.

DocuCabinet Multi Page Document Filing

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