Version: 3.02
Date: 2013-09-15
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32 Soft
Windows XP/2000/98
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An email with attached PDF or Excel document carries a great benefit for the business. Imagine a nice looking PDF or Excel document which has all the same required information as a paper document would, and it is delivered by personalized email to your partner, the Process is fully automatic and costs nothing compare to the regular postal mail delivery. If it`s a big volume of documents, think about how many resources, man hours and cash you can save by automating these procedures. LBOX is PDF and Excel document generator and distributor, designed specifically for QAD users to free up resources, save you cash and enhance QAD system usage. No residual cost, or pay per use scheme, one time buy $2500 for unlimited use per production QAD server, contact us for more Details. LBOX easy-to-use reliable platform for the following applications:* QAD documents or reports immediately are converted to PDF or Excel and placed on the network share.* QAD month end reports automatically are generated and saved to a windows network share.* QAD reports are emailed in PDF or Excel formats to your team members or partners in personalized emails. The following documents are good candidates to be automatically distributed: Any periodically printed reports to be distributed among your team members (non QAD users) Price lists updates, Customer Statements, AR Debit/Credit memos, Order Acknowledgments Sales and Service Invoices Payment remittances, Purchase Orders, Supplier schedules Supplier Visualization Substitute: email colorized Inventory Level updates to your suppliers Other not listed here

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