Offline NT Password & Registry Editor

Version: 110511
Date: 2013-09-05
No special requirements
Petter Nordahl
Windows XP/2000/98
No special requirements

Description - Offline NT Password & Registry Editor

Current features of the registry tools / library Library: Open several hives at once (they are however not linked in path-wise) Add and remove keys (not rename, sorry) Add and remove values of any type. (no rename here either) Read data in values Put data into values. (Recursive) iterate / list keys, get values types etc. Recursive delete of keys Read key "class" field Expansion of the hive file is not supported yet, thus only free space in it will be utilized when addid data. Currently just ignores security descriptors in the registry. Supports registry hives with different key indexing, so it covers all versions from NT3.51 to Vista 32/64bit and 2008 server. Features of the tools (based on the library): Simple interactive registry edit (command based), including Hex edit of value data in unsupported value types. Export of registry (or parts of it) to .Reg file Readable by Windows regedit.exe. No import yet. Password reset, password change (partial) User unlock User promotion (add to administrators group) Some syskey reset actions (NT4/2k/XP), but risky. .. and a lot of information and debug info for those who are interested.

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