Microsoft Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview

Version: CTP
Date: 2013-09-04
Windows 8
Windows 2008
Windows 8

Description - Microsoft Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview

Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview is an integrated development environment that seamlessly spans the entire life cycle of software creation, including architecture, user interface design, code creation, code insight and Analysis, code deployment, testing, and validation. This release adds support for the most advanced Microsoft platforms, including the next version of Windows (code-named "Windows 8") and Windows Azure, and enables you to target platforms across devices, services, and the Cloud. Integration with Team Foundation Server allows the entire team, from the customer to the developer, to build scalable and high-quality applications to exacting standards and requirements. Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview is prerelease software and should not be used in production scenarios. This preview enables you to test updates and improvements made since Visual Studio 2010, including the following: Support for the most advanced platforms from Microsoft, including Windows 8 and Windows Azure, as well as a host of language enhancements. New features such as code clone detection, code Review workflow, enhanced unit testing, lightweight requirements, production IntelliTrace


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