Listary Portable

Version: 3.50 Build 689
Date: 2013-08-17
No special requirements
Windows 7/Vista/XP
No special requirements

Description - Listary Portable

Browse through vast number of files, folders and list entries on the fly using a powerful find as you type search tool that blends seamlessly with Windows. Open recently used and favorite files, folders and submenus speedily. Use intuitive search strings and swift keyboard strokes to zero in on items in Windows Explorer, Task Manager, Registry Editor, Desktop, File Open/Save Dialog Box, and numerous other components and third-party applications. Version 3.50.689 (22 November 2011) - Accelerator key support for all menus- Environment variable support for all paths- New language files (Swedish, Italian, Ukrainian, Korean and Polish)- Paths of recent documents can be compacted automatically- New toolbar UI- Toolbar can be transparent now- Regular expression support is back for Pro users- Tooltips for all hot keys- Users can set Default File Manager now- Search results now shown in bold (and underline as before) font- New way of handling subfolder expanding- Code signing all files- Improved: Improved overall performance for menus- Improved: Improved performance of auto-expand subfolder- Improved: Toolbar will be always visible for file dialogs- Improved: Total Commander ini file path detection- Improved: Uncheck

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