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Version: 1.45
Date: 2013-09-12

Description - Ringtone Maker Pro Free

Create ringtones fast and easy with Ringtone Maker. As this is the Pro version, it supports more file formats than the simple version. This version also has better operating system integration. Make ringtones from your own sound files, your own music or sound recordings. You can easily search through your ringtones and sound files and create new ringtones. Ringtone Maker Pro is now free for download and ad supported. Some of the permissions are for the ads to work. Thank you for understanding. Make Free Ringtones, share them with friends. Have your favorite music set as your ringtone, have your favorite part of a song wake you up in the morning. This application can customize your ringtone but it can also customize your Alarm or Notifications. Features: - MP3, WAV, AAC, AMR and other audio file support- Create ringtones, alarms, notifications from your own songs- Record music or sounds with your phone and edit them- Integration with operating system- Application is free to download

Ringtone Maker Pro Free Ringtone Maker Customize Your

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