Frog brushes

Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Paint Shop Pro, Xara
Windows XP/2000/98

Description - Frog brushes

100 Frog brushes for Photoshop and Photoshop Elements as well as Paint Shop Pro and many other applications. Many different poses and realistic designs of frogs for use in Photoshop. Sketched frog brush for Photoshop, PSP example. The frog brushes are all 300 DPI varied sizes. The frog brushes are for commercial as well as personal use such as to Create packaging, books, illustrations, cartoons, parts of logos, fashion designs and much more. Leaping frog brush for Photoshop example. The frog brushes are all royalty-free, no credit is required for their use. All the frogs are by (Andrew Buckle). The frogs can be combined, modified, warped, distorted etc. Re-color the brushes via the Photoshop toolbox foreground color. Frog brush with tongue poking out example. Also use the brushes with the brushes palette to add Complex scattering, Color Effects, textures, dual brushes and more. The brushes work with many of the Photoshop brushes including clone tool, paint tool, art History tool and many more. Frog leaping brush for Photoshop example. On buying the frog brushes pack you receive the download Link to the frog brushes. Thumbnail gallery of frog brushes for Photoshop and PSP.

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