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Version: 2.0.542
Date: 2014-01-15
No special requirements
Windows Vista/2003/XP/2000/98/Me/NT
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If you use Microsoft Outlook to send out marketing mails, our email merge software can help you reach your prospects in a more personal and effective way. Studies have shown that personalized emails are opened more often and get triple the response rate from prospects. More responses mean more sales.What Is eMailMerge4Outlook? eMailMerge4Outlook is an Outlook mass mail add on that makes it easy for you to send large numbers of personalized emails using your existing contacts. The email merge software inserts customized salutations into each message you send.When recipients see their own name at the head of an email, they are more inclined to reply because they feel you singled them out for personal attention. Using our email merge software to personalize the message tells your addressee it was meant specifically for him or her.Sends Clear Message: "This is Not Spam" eMailMerge4Outlook also reduces the chance that your message will be viewed as spam and deleted unread. That`s what makes it one of the best mass mail add ons for Outlook that you can invest in. "Instead of our marketing emails being regarded as spam, we now send PERSONALIZED emails using your email merge software and our clients LOVE it! The response has been 100% better!" -PrimeVision Limited, Fiji Other Powerful Features Easy wizard interface teaches you how to use the email merge software in just minutes. You can use addressees from any Outlook contacts folder or subfolder. Our email merge software is compatible with Rich Text and HTML emails. It works with attachments. It can be used to send personal greetings, too, for the holiday season and other occasions.NEW! EMailMerge PRO 4 Outlook For advanced applications, we also have EmailMerge PRO 4Outlook. This is an enhanced product with more great features and the same easy-to-use user interface. More Merge Fields (55 fields supported in total - Standard version has 12 fields) Delayed/Batch Sending......

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