REAL SQL Server for Mac OS Classic

Version: 2011 Release 3
Date: 2013-12-17
No special requirements
Mac OS 9
No special requirements

Description - REAL SQL Server for Mac OS Classic

REAL SQL Server is the ideal database server for REALbasic developers who want to convert a single user database to a multi-user one. It`s fast, has a small footprint, is highly reliable and runs on Windows, Macintosh and Linux. Do you feel the need for speed?At its core, REAL SQL Server uses SQLite, the most popular database engine in the world. When a new, FASTER release of SQLite becomes available, REAL SQL Server benefits. In our tests, we found that, overall, REAL SQL Server is twice as fast as Postgres and over four times as fast as MySQL. Your data is safe and soundSQLite is nearly incorruptible. That`s why we chose it as the core for REAL SQL Server. In FACT, we have never had a single report of a corrupted database. But, just in case, REAL SQL Server has both a Journal engine and Automatic Backup system. Fast, easy installationMost database servers require modifying config files and messing with the command line. Not REAL SQL Server. Just double-click the installer and your server will be ready for use in under one minute! We are not just the makers of REAL SQL Server, we are also a clientWe wouldn`t expect you to depend on REAL SQL Server unless we would do the same thing. Our ecommerce system that keeps track of every customer and order we`ve taken for almost a decade now, is stored in a REAL SQL Server database. When you order through our online store, you are using REAL SQL Server. In fact, our web site is powered by REAL SQL Server. All of the text on every page of our web site is stored and served up from a REAL SQL Server database. We do this to make it easy to translate the site into multiple languages. Our server has been online for several years and has managed millions and millions of connections with nearly zero DownTime.

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