Read Later Fast for Chrome

Version: 1.3.2
Date: 2013-11-25
For Google Chrome
Diigo Inc.
Windows 7/Vista/XP
For Google Chrome

Description - Read Later Fast for Chrome

Have too many tabs open? - Do not want to clutter your bookmark Folders with temporary links?- Want to be able to read offline or make sure you have an archived version?- Want to read webpages fast, like a slideshow, and as clean-text? If you have these pains or needs, then this app is for you! ?How to use?- Use "Read Later" in the right-click menu to save page or link to the RLF app- Find RLF in the new tab of the browser, open it and read! (for Rockmelt users, click on "Chrome Apps" on the new tab page) ?For Those with Privacy Concern ?Chrome will alert you that the extension may access all your data. There is a right click menu item which helps you mark read later from any webpage. This feature needs the privilege to access your pages. However, we never collect any of your data unless you select some content and choose to send it to read later fast. Don`t worry. We are also internet users and don`t want to be evil. ?What`s new in recent versions ?1. Right click on a link and save to RLF without opening it2. Keyboard Shortcut for read-later3. Add an option: close the tab after the page is marked for read-later4. Sync to and access your webpages on different computers, Android ( and iPhone, iPad ( Fix the duplicated item issue.6. Support "right click to add unread pages" for google reader

Read Later Fast for Chrome Read Later Later Fast

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