Landpark ScanFree

Date: 2013-11-18
No special requirements
Windows XP/2000/98
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Description - Landpark ScanFree

Organisational and geographic views of your hardware inventories give you rapid access to your IT assets, Comprehensive inventory of your hardware and software components, networks etc, Multiple-site treeview access, Manage your computers, CPUs, network cards , hard disk drives, printers, monitors and peripherals, User management, Manage your software licenses, software installations, Retrieve Windows and Office license keys, import your OCS inventory files, Transfer History, Standard database formats (SQL Express or SQL Server), Our expertise has been recognized by thousands of clients, User-friendly and easy to deploy. SCANFREE Professional Edition offers more features: Manage your networks, networks elements, search by IP and MAC adress and search by network port. Manage your software licenses, software installations, and identify unwanted software via a dedicated alert panel. Monitor changes and quickly view which elements were added or removed Between inventories. History, metrics, queries, status reports, exportable to Word, Excel or HTML. Graphical query tool with Excel exportable results (100 queries). With Scanfree Professional Edition, you can inventory your first customer and prepare all reports. For example: you decide to buy 100 inventories. Once the first customer inventories made, you can clear the list of PCs and proceed again a new inventorying for your second customer. Our technology also includes: Landpark Manager (IT Asset Management) / LandPark HELPDESK (Technical Support Management Tool) / LandPark Snmp (collects information about your network

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