Digital Persona Pro

Date: 2013-08-15
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Windows 7/Vista/2003/XP/2000
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Description - Digital Persona Pro

DigitalPersona Pro is the centrally-managed suite of security applications that protect data and control access to PCs and applications. Thanks to patent-pending technology, DigitalPersona Pro helps Small Businesses and Enterprises achieve security and compliance security by integrating several applications under a single management and authentication infrastructure. Today, business computers serve two purposes: They store confidential data, including business plans, customers` information, and moreThey are the access point through which users access the corporate network and applications A comprehensive solution aimed at securing the endpoints should cover both use cases. DigitalPersona Pro is the only security solution of its kind that provides an answer to your needs of data Protection and access control, thus protecting the data stored on a PC and securing how users access the computer, networks or applications. All in a single solution that offers strong security, is easy to manage and deploy, and fits your budget. Deploy DigitalPersona Pro in any environments with flexible management options DigitalPersona Pro interfacesDigitalPersona Pro reduces the costs and complexities of managing security and authentication. You can choose Between several management options. Save money with DigitalPersona Pro - best price-performance in the categoryHigh ROI and tangible cost savings with DigitalPersona Pro With DigitalPersona Pro, security becomes an investment with fast payback and tangible ROI. DigitalPersona Pro has The Best Price-performance in its category and allows you to save up to 50% over comparable solutions in immediate out-of-pocket costs. DigitalPersona Pro also allows for additional Return On Investment from. Get peace of mind with a proven, reliable solutionManage HP ProtectTools with DigitalPersona ProCentrally manage HP ProtectTools with DigitalPersona Pro.

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