Seavus Project Planner

Version: 1.2
Date: 2013-08-01
No special requirements
Seavus Group
Windows 7/Vista/2003/XP/2000
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Description - Seavus Project Planner

Seavus Project Planner is a desktop Project Management Software capable to plan and track projects, manage resources and track project costs.The software allows project managers to organize work and project delivery as well as to manage resource schedules and scope changes. Seavus Project Planner`s core features include: Project scheduling Seavus Project Planner will reduce your efforts to define tasks, group them, set dependencies, define Milestones as well as assign resources and costs. Moreover, what-if scenarios that allow project managers to check project variances are supported by the unique unlimited undo/redo functionality. Project tracking Seavus Project Planner provides greater control over the project lifecycle. Project tracking has never been easier with the unlimited number of baselines and numerous task Progress update options (tracking toolbar, customizable forms toolbar and Gantt Chart). Resource managementProject managers can easily assign resources to tasks as well as track and analyze their performance over time. This allows project managers to better manage resources in order to avoid over allocation. Project cost trackingProject costs can be controlled by assigning them to specific tasks and resources. Task updates will allow the Project Manager to track the costs and make fine-tunings if necessary. Clean and intuitive workspace Seavus Project Planner has an easy-to-use workspace that is complemented with Quick Bars that allow project managers to quickly navigate through the application reducing the time and effort to make the desired action.

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