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Date: 2013-07-24
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Description - InstantInfo

InstantInfo is a complete Inventory System for lottery instant scratch off tickets built by a lottery retailer. I experienced first-hand the complicated billing procedures associated with consigned and activated scratch-off tickets. Exacerbating the situation further was the inability to know, in real-time, if The Business was making money, how much money was owed, which games were performing best and the incredible amount of time required to manage lottery business.So my wife and I developed InstantInfo! Do you sell instant lottery tickets because you "have" to?Does your staff spend hours each week recording sales information by hand?Back office staff spending your time verifying lottery bills?When ticket pack theft is discovered, is the event days or weeks old?Do you think that instant ticket sales are out of your control? If you answered yes to any question, you need this software! This software will save hours, minimize theft, increase sales and profit.Scratch off tickets are the most popular lottery ticket product line. Easy sale and instant win. Now is the time to start making this work for you in your store. InstantInfo uses the lotteries bar codes, game data and billing Details to give you Instant Access to all the information 24/7. You see what packs are selling, what packs you should get billed for and how to maximize profit.

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