New Tab King

Version: 5.0.3
Date: 2013-11-21
Firefox 3.0 or higher
Eddie Weber
Windows 7/Vista/XP
Firefox 3.0 or higher

Description - New Tab King

New Tab King is a Firefox extension that lets you view your most visited sites New Tab King is a browser add-on that`s available for you when launching a new browser tab. Instead of getting a blank page (or the Homepage in some cases), New Tab King provides you with your most visited sites as well as the sites you bookmarked on your own. Both these lists are ordered from most to least vested in the past 30 days. Each site is displayed with its description text and the website`s icon. Another feature is a Google Search Box, right at your finger tips and in Focus - for you to type in your search in Google search service. There is also the possibility to delete a site from your list, by clicking the `x` button - right of the site name. With these simple additions to a new tab opening, New Tab King enables you to access the sites you`re most likely to look for within your browser and save you the search in your browser history or Cache. Of course, New Tab King is and will always remain free of charge. At New Tab King we`re constantly working on adding features and improve our service.

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