Crisol Mind Exam Writer 2010

Date: 2013-09-30
NET Framework 3.5
Crisol Mind
Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000
NET Framework 3.5

Description - Crisol Mind Exam Writer 2010

Crisol Mind Exam Writer is the professional solution to Create exams, tests, quizzes, assessments or written evaluations. Designed to allow you to generate your exams in minutes, Crisol Mind Exam Writer is very simple, intuitive, and easy to use. Features:Make exams in three Steps: indicate the number of questions you want on your exam, select the method to use to generate your exam and print it. Additionaly Crisol Mind allows you to configure many options of the generation Process and exam presentation, to mention a few, we have: It allows you to define the size of your exam (you can define the number of questions you want to include on the exam). You can select the method to use to Extract the questions from the question vault database: DWAM (Dynamic Weighted Asessment Methodology) that allows for higher evaluation reliability, Random or Manual selection of the questions. You can define a customized header with instructions to each question type section. Additionaly to that questions are selected randomly, you can configure to have randomly placed question type sections on the exam. Questions can include images in different formats. You can define questions with math, physics and chemistry expressions using the math formula editor based on MATHML standard that allows you to define any type of formula with exceptional graphical presentation and which is completely integrated into Crisol Mind. All your questions are stored on a database in order to easily backup and use them in the future, this makes Crisol Mind easier to use with each use. Your questions can be organized by subject, theme, subtheme, bibliographic reference, complexity level or question type, The user interface, the dialogs and messages of the application can be configured to be displayed in different languges: English or Spanish. It includes an Exams Manager module to follow the development steps of your exams.

Crisol Mind Exam Writer 2010 Crisol Mind Exam Writer

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