Database Objects

Version: 5.5.5
Date: 2013-08-01
No special requirements
Windows XP/2000/98
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Description - Database Objects

Database Objects: Is a Java library containing visual (SWING) and non visual components to easily Create GUI applications using databases connections, components, forms and dialogs. It contains objects like database connectors (JDBC), datasets, master-Details datasets, grids, list of values, edit, memo, images (BLOB), Barcode (EAN8, EAN13, etc), XLS and PDF reports. The library is designed to be used on NetBeans IDE as components for Matisse GUI builder. The Block is a MVC pattern design having the following features: * Navigation. * In memory operations over a table of records. * JDBC Cursors synchronized with the blocks. * RMI cursors synchronized with the blocks. * Persitence API cursors synchronized with the blocks. * Allow insert, edit/cancel, delete/restore operations. * Allow commit/rollback of the block to a persistent storage. * Define master/detail block relations. * Export To Excel on the fly. The block grid view is implemented as a JTable object and support: * All range of data type. * Row sort, edit, insert and delete operations. * Have Custom editors and renderers for all data types. * Image editor. * Customization. Standard simple views are: * Texts, labels, numbers, date and time, image, bar codes, options and boolean visual components. * Inherited from the standard views are a lot of smart components having auto validate capabilities. * List of values connected to the standard visual components. Other supported features are: * Graphical canvas for paint and animations. * Motion JPEG player for IP Cameras having Proxy and Server authentication. * Barcode EAN8 and EAN13. * Simple reports in PDF format. * A collection of statistical and financial formulas.

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