Gmail Notes

Version: 2.2.2 Beta
Date: 2013-12-28
For Google Chrome
Ron Schouten
Windows 7/Vista/XP
For Google Chrome

Description - Gmail Notes

This extension allows you to add a note to conversations in Gmail. This is useful if you want to save a payment confirmation code with an emailed invoice, passwords with new account emails, or information pertaining to an email gained from different channels of communication. Once installed, a "Gmail Notes" icon will appear in the Omnibar (address bar) of Chrome when Gmail is open. Notes are stored in your Google Docs account (in a "Gmail Notes" folder) so you will need to click the icon and enter your Google Account password to give permission to Gmail Notes. Your password is not stored within the extension nor is it shared with any other sites. Please ensure you do not already have a folder called "Gmail Notes" nor should you rename any of the files contained within. Once the extension is loaded, a small green Circle will indicate that you have signed in correctly. You can then click the icon to bring up a note Box when you are viewing a conversation. If you encounter errors or have feature suggestions, please go to the Support and FAQs site listed below and comment on the blog post. This way I (the author) will be alerted to your comment, otherwise I will only come across your comment by chance. Features: Improved Notes box so it adopts the colours used by Gmail`s current theme. Please note that if you change the theme, you will need to reload Gmail for the theme to apply to Gmail Notes. Notes are now legible when opened in Google Docs. Added ability to "unauthorize" Gmail Notes from accessing Google Docs. This feature is available on the options page.

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